Call your parents once in a while, they love it.

(Originally written on September 1, 2017)

It is been 3 years already when I left home (in Zamboanga Sibugay)  and moved to Manila to review. Then Review became employment. I’ve been home twice, for the duration of two weeks each. So it is safe to conclude that I frequently went home. I make sure that when I am home, I am all focused on them. No distractions. I did not even spend time with friends in the two occasions that I was there.

I am always thankful for the technology. We use a cellphone to hear each others’ voice. Facebook messenger to send silly photos. And video call to have a realtime communication. In this way, we relieve our homesickness. And we give updates on our lives.

So tonight I call home. Because I have a load. And I am alone at home. Calls my mama’s phone, and my sister called them first in mama’s tablet. So what happens is that mamang is setting the phone and tablet at loudspeaker at the same time to accommodate us both. Silly way but effective. Trust me on this.  We shared things, silly thoughts and unending laughter. Then my call with my sister ends. So in the line was me and mama.

“Ganiha pa man tu sya  ga bula-bula ang baba atu nak ” (your sister is babbling for a while now) mamang says.

Kay nangutana man tu si Papang nako gud kung nanawag ba iya mga anak, di mao tu. (Because your father asked me if his children called) Mamang continues

I stay quiet. But inside me my heart flutters. Then I realized how they missed us so much.

“Oh! Diba mang duha jud nanawag sa inyo karon” (See mama, two of us called) I responded with a happy voice.

“lagi nak, lipay kaayo mi” (Right, we are so happy now) Mamang Said.

And that made me teary eyes. I was so negligent in checking on them once in a while. I Take for granted what can single call gladden them. I never expect that heart-warming moment is the result of a call. What if I call them once a week. It would really make them happy.

I am always happy how independent I am today. And I am always thankful that they give me the freedom to grow on my own. But I comes with a price. It means I have less time to spend with them since I am so focused on “growing up” (Sometimes I don’t even know what it means). I personally sometimes forget that as I grow older, they are also growing old. That they might not tell me things that will make me worry. Because I would do the same way. The constant fret is what makes it hard.

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Shella is a corporate employee who is also a solo traveller. Her goal is to travel long term without giving up my career goal. She loves culture and food. And also she has a lot of goals in life, this blog will be her way of documenting her journey.