Don’t be a lost soul. Travel!

Who else gets the thrill of hearing the sound of an airplane taking off? Who else loves to relive that moment of waking up to the scent of coffee in a different place? Who else misses that first sight of the place you have been dying to visit? Who else wants to travel?


Travelling is scientifically proven to increase productivity at work, boosts morale and leads to better retention of the employees. According to a study conducted by the US Travel Commission, taking advantage of leave benefits and allotting them for short vacation is good for the economy too. Moreover, travelling improves one’s creativity and cognitive senses according to a professor at Columbia Business School who authored many studies about creativity in relation to travelling. The human brain has an ability called neuroplasticity which is responsible for the adjustments in responding to the changes in the environment. When we get to see new places, this ability of the brain is enhanced making us more motivated to perform our duties. Studies uncover that not taking time off from work does not lead to more bonuses since these are based upon performance.

Not convinced yet?

Enchantingly, travelling has benefits for your health. It is found to ease stress, reduce the threats of heart diseases, improve brain health, strengthens antibodies which fight off diseases and makes you fit. In a new environment, your immune system will be exposed to pathogens and it will try to adapt to the changes on a different level making your body stronger.


So now you are nodding your head and smirking eh? But I see that you’re still holding back and your bank account.


It won’t cost your whole savings. There are many places to go without having to spend too much. With the advent of technology and birth of google, there is no place far enough for you.


Feeling excited already? Sit back and here are the things you need to consider on your next travel.

  1. Weather forecasts. Read the news about upcoming typhoons. Avoid those dates.
  2. Make plans. Know what to do, where to sleep, where to keep your bags and what to eat. But do not follow your plans strictly. The best things happen spontaneously.
  3. Pack your things. Do not pack everything in your room. Choose only those which you need. Leave something to luck.
  4. Get off your wifi. No one needs to know where you are. Don’t make the mistake of spending your travel updating your friends. You do that when you get back.
  5. Get on that plane. We will see you around!